Never Sell Your SOL

Access your SOL's value today, without losing tomorrows upside

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Yep, 0% Interest. Really.
Zero percent vector
Total USH Supply
Total SOL Collateral
Decentralized. Secure. Instant.
Create a Vault
When you create a vault, only your wallet will have access to make deposits, withdrawals, take margin, or repay margin.
Deposit Collateral
Deposit collateral (SOL) into your vault. You can withdraw these tokens at any time as long as you don't have debt against them.
Take Margin
Take margin against your deposits to give you access to capital. You can use these funds for anything you want.
Flexible Liquidity

Use your USH for day to day purchases or use it to multiply your crypto exposure at a fixed fee. We currently offer up to 6x exposure.

Secure:Fully Backed
Collateral:> 110%
RedeemableAnytime @ $1
Interest-Free loans
Hedge offers 0% interest vaults, allowing you to indefinitely tap into the value of your assets.
Long-Term leverage
Leveraging with Hedge enables you to keep your leverage positions open for longer for a fraction of the perp funding fees.
Pegged to $1
USH is always redeemable for its underlying value, ensuring peg.
110% collateral ratio
Hedge offers vaults with collateral ratio as low as 110%, enabling up to 11x leverage.
Collateral backed
USH collateral is kept secure in vaults and is not staked or placed in other protocols.
Efficient liquidations
Protocol solvency is guaranteed by a stability pool that liquidates risky vaults. Anyone can participate to earn HEDGE tokens.
Open a vault now