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Hedge Referral Program

Get rewards for every user you send to Hedge.

Loan Initiation Fees


  • Refer new users and get % of their loan initiation fees.
Stability Pool Deposits


  • As a referrer, you collect % of the rewards a user gets for participation in the Hedge Stability Pool.
PSM Mint and Redeem Fees


  • Collect % of the fees paid by users interacting with the PSM.

Give Your Frens A Discount

Give them a discount to Hedge by referring them!

Reward users you refer


  • Users who are referred to Hedge will receive a discount on all loan initiation fees

Start Referring

Create your link and claim your rewards. Get started below.

In addition, you will also get a (Loading) discount on all loan initiation fees.

Generate a Referral Link
Share the link with users to collect a portion of the fees they generate
Claim Referral Fees
Create Link First
You need to create a referral link first.